New Fair Farmers Market every Sunday


Why cut out the middleman?

Where do we begin? For Goodness Sake is run by farmers with the well-being of farmers in mind. Many agents and wholesalers set their prices at the conclusion of the season, leaving some farmers actually owing money for the goods they provide. We are upfront about prices, ensuring farmers know what they are getting. We also work with our farms to minimise food waste because in Australia 4m tonnes of food goes into landfill each year. We don’t contribute to the mass dumping of produce that doesn’t meet supermarkets’ lofty aesthetic standards. Most importantly, no middleman means no unnecessary fees. This helps put out-of-work farmers back on the land and results in a fairer price for them and fairer price for you too.


What can I expect in my first box?

Well, that’s up to you. Customise your box so you only get the fruit and veg you want to eat. Or if you want to leave it to us, choose our set boxes. All our fruit and veg is seasonal so we change them regularly.


How much does it all cost?

Our minimum spend is $50, which is the price of a medium box. There's a $5 delivery charge for orders between $50-70, and if you spend more than $70 it's free. If you chose to collect it from a market that's free too.


Can I pick my box up myself?

If you would prefer to pick your fruit and veg up, you can do so from one of our market locations.


Can I shop straight away?

It takes up to 14 days to register a community group. But you can still shop today. If you don't select a community group, the 10% of your sale will go to support OzHarvest, who are working to reduce the 400m tonnes of food Australia wastes every year.