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Meet The Team

Clive Burcham Founder

My name is Clive Burcham.

Growing up, I spent countless happy days on our family farms. My grandfather was one of the most well-known dairy farmers and cattle suppliers in the Shire of Harvey, Western Australia. At eight years old I was driving tractors, feeding calves, carting hay and of course, washing manure out of the dairy yard. 

When Nestlé first opened in WA in 1926, my grandfather was their largest dairy supplier. It always amazed me how he started with nothing and went on built an agricultural empire – one that I thought I would eventually be part of. Then one day, granddad starting dropping hints about my future. While he never said the exact words “you’ll never be a farmer”, I still have a sneaking suspicion that’s what he meant.

So I took his advice, made it into the media industry and ended up working for broadcast television in Australia, the United States and the UK. Eventually I launched my own business, The Conscience Organisation, which is now ironically the largest supplier of digital services to Nestlé (I bet granddad didn’t see that coming). I’m also involved in various creative businesses that donate 20% of their resources, skills, IP and cash to social enterprises such as Rare Birds, Kids Express and OzHarvest. 

Over the years I’ve maintained a strong passion for agriculture and the plight of the Aussie farmer, having seen first hand the environmental and financial challenges that they face. That’s why getting involved with the team at For Goodness Sake made so much sense to me. By cutting out the middleman and paying Aussie farmers more for their produce, we created a process intended to reinvigorate small to medium sized farms. We also strive to have a positive social impact in general, by donating a huge percentage of all our profits to local community groups.

For Goodness Sake delivers honestly fresh food to Australian families and I truly believe they will be able to taste the difference.