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The FGS Difference

The FGS Difference

The FGS Difference

For Goodness Sake stands apart from the supermarket giants. There may not be a war between us, but there sure are some things worth comparing! 

Our Produce vs. Supermarket Produce

Fruit and veggies are vital to our health, but most Australians have forgotten what honestly fresh produce tastes like. The supermarket giants have conquered the market, supplying families with fruit and veggies that aren't up to scratch. Put simply, there’s a lack of actual freshness in the “fresh food” you find in the supermarket.

Consider the case of the ‘birthday apple’ (trust us, it's not as cute as it might sound). Picked, sprayed and waxed, these apples often won’t make it to store shelves until after they celebrate their first birthday. So much for freshness. At For Goodness Sake, we offer an honestly fresh alternative that is better for your health and your taste buds!



Supermarket Fresh

  • We grab our produce from the farm right after it's been freshly picked, meaning you get to enjoy most of your fruit and veg within as little as 24-72 hours of picking.
  • Our produce is never artificially ripened or waxed. It comes to you direct from from the tree or the ground!
  • All our fruit & veggies are from Aussie farmers who avoid using any synthetic chemicals or pesticides on their land.

  • Some fruit and veg can be as old as a year! The produce has often been sitting in controlled atmosphere storage to make it last as long as possible before it even hits the shelf.
  • Produce has often been artificially ripened, or gases are used to delay over-ripening. Produce such as apples, cucumbers and citrus fruits have also been waxed to increase shine and longevity.
  • Imported produce is generally sprayed with pesticides and often fumigated with potentially toxic chemicals just to meet Australia's tough quarantine rules.

FGS Vs. OrganicFarming and food - For Goodness Sake

“Is your produce organic?” 

It’s the question we get asked almost every day. In technical terms, no, our farmers are not certified organic. But, they do avoid the use of the same synthetic chemicals and fertilizers as organic farmers.

You see, we know most Aussie growers don’t actually want to use any chemicals on their crops. They’re expensive, bad for the soil and in many cases, unnecessary. Because most of our farmers have small to medium farms, they are able to manage their crops more efficiently and find greater success using natural pesticides and fertilizers.

Take our fig farm for example. For over ten years, no synthetic chemicals have touched the trees or the soil. Instead of using chemicals to level the paddock and prune the bottom of the trees, they use local sheep! The fig trees stay healthy and the sheep get to have a tasty lunch. Talk about a natural remedy!

Our farmers may not have the certification, but they follow the same policies as organic farmers do and they don't use any chemicals that organic farmers wouldn't. 

If you still have concerns about your produce having any trace of chemicals, WelleCo's natural Fruit & Veggie Wash could be the perfect product for you. 

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